Ruian City Zhejiang Province Shuanghong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.(Ruian City Shuanghong Automotive E lectric Parts Institute)is a specialezed enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of motor automated production equipment、automotive electric 、parts and automotive components test equipment.

   Our main products include:motor rotor winding machine 、staor winding machine、Commutator spot welding machine、commutator precision turning machine、paper insertion machine 、torsion machine 、magnetizer 、Groove machine、atuomobile motor test bench 、automobile sensor test bench 、automobile fuel pump test bench 、automobile parts aer tightness test bench 、automobile low voltage electrical products test benchetc,forming more than a dozen series and hundreds of kinds of products. Our company gathered a group of mechanical and electronic engineers as well as technicians with considerable strength and the spirit of innovation.

   Our company focuses on the perpetual upgrading of thd products and R&D of new products ,and introduced the advanced production and processing equipments,thus made every detail in the production process perfect,so as to let the customer can easily use our equipments and meanwhile let them feel the high efficiency and humanization.Owing to strict requirement to all links in the production process ,our products are obviously superior to other similar products of domestic in respect of performance 、accuracy 、stability and performance price ratio,so our company has great influence upon the motor manufacturing and automobile which are well received by the user's favor and praise.

    With the corporation philosophy of"Concentration makes remarkable achievement and pursuit is endless",Double Red regards“Creating new impetus to science and technology"is responsiblity,and continues to innovate ,continues to reform ,and continues to improve.Basing on human,Double Red creates a harmonious corporate culture,and makes Double Red have its own place in the world under today's highly competitive situation.

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