What data needs to be provided to choose a suitable energy magnetizer

Different types of magnetic material grades and performances have different technical requirements for magnetizers and magnetizing clamps in the process of selecting magnetizers and designing magnetizing fixtures, magnetization field strength, and magnetic permeability. Magnetic materials have always been used. A difficult problem for manufacturers and magnetizer equipment manufacturers.

    When you don’t know how to buy a suitable and cost-effective magnetizing equipment, you can provide the seller with the following information, and the seller will provide users with equipment and solutions based on this information:

    1. The material name and attributes of the magnetizing product: is it neodymium iron boron, ferrite, aluminum nickel cobalt, or samarium cobalt, as well as the brand and so on.

    2. External dimensions of the magnetized product: If the material is magnetized, please provide the external dimensions of the material; if the component is magnetized, in addition to the external dimensions of the component, the dimensions of the material and the relative size position in the component should also be stated.

    3. Magnetizing direction and number of magnetizing poles.

    4. The cooling method of magnetizing fixture is required.

    5. Requirements for surface magnetic field distribution.

    6. The production line requirements for magnetization efficiency, and whether to import and connect automated production lines according to the continuous increase in output.

    7. Do you need online magnetization and online measurement? (Select the unqualified magnetization to ensure the consistency of product quality).


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