Inspection method for overheating of commutator spot welding machine

Any large-scale mechanical equipment will have an inevitable problem under long-term use, that is, some components of the equipment will overheat, which is no exception for the commutator spot welding machine. The overheating of the components will affect the use effect of the equipment, and the equipment will be damaged. Therefore, during the use of commutator spot welding machine, it is very important to check and judge its overheating. The specific methods are as follows:

     1. Check whether the insulation resistance between the electrode seat part of the commutator spot welding machine and the body of the spot welding machine is normal and whether it is short-circuited.

2. Check whether the water inlet pressure, water flow rate and water supply temperature of the cooling system are suitable, and check whether the water cooling system is blocked by dirt.

     3. Check whether the copper soft joint and the electrode arm, the contact surface of the electrode rod and the electrode head can be seriously oxidized.

     4. Check whether the cross section of the electrode head can be excessively added due to wear, whether the welding thickness, load connection rate can be overrun, etc., so that the commutator spot welding machine is overloaded and heated.

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