Main points of wire arrangement technology of automatic winding machine

1. First of all, we must have a considerable understanding of the type and characteristics of the wire to be wound, the number of turns, the appearance material and the winding speed.

    1. Such as self-adhesive thread, enameled cotton thread, etc., the coils that need to be set for these threads need to be much larger, and because the outer skin is not too smooth, it needs lower inertia characteristics.

    2. For thin wires, the winding speed cannot be too slow, but it needs to climb slowly when starting, so as not to break the wire due to excessively fast pneumatic speed.

    3. For thicker lines, the speed should not be too fast, but the low-speed torque must be sufficient.

    2. The shape of the object to be wound has a considerable relationship with the twists and turns of the automatic winding machine and the distance of the wire.

    1. If the object to be wound is square, the winding speed should not be too fast, otherwise there will be round convexity and unevenness in the middle.

    2. The height of the object to be wound and the automatic winding machine should be appropriate. If it is too low, the wire will easily fall into the next layer, and if it is too high, there will be a jumper phenomenon.

    3. The distance between the automatic winding machine and the object to be wound should not be too far, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the winding.

    4. The tightness of the automatic winding wire outlet is directly related to the beauty of the winding and cable arrangement.

3. Other matters:

     1. Calibrating the width of the object to be wound and starting the winding point are the first things to choose.

     2. When the pneumatic winding point is confirmed to be correct, you can start winding, or you can stop at both ends to test whether the set width is correct.

     3. When the winding starts, whether it is beautiful or not, it can provide users with a lot of actionable information.

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