The main function of the automatic rotor winding machine

The winding machine is the main operating machine for producing inductive coils, and it is generally used to wind the copper wire. In recent years, this kind of machinery has produced a machine such as a fully automatic rotor winding machine, which drives the rotor to rotate through a bearing, thus having the effect of winding copper wire.

In recent years, due to the continuous advancement of science and technology, more electronic and automated products have been born, and more technologies continue to appear, including those brought into the winding machine. The electronic technology has been developed relatively well. A lot of auxiliary equipment in the form of buttons and touch screens have been brought into the machine, and the automatic rotor winding machine is no exception. The use of some buttons and touch screen components can achieve a fully automatic effect, and setting some data can have an automatic effect on machinery such as rotor winding machines and commutator spot welding machines.

Winding machines and magnetizers are machines that provide backup power for other industries. It is precisely because of such machines that those industries can develop normally and steadily.

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