The development of welding technology of commutator spot welding machine

Commutator spot welding machine is a better product among spot welding machines. The use of commutator for spot welding is a more popular way of use in recent years. Welding technology has always been relatively stable in the connection technology. The articles connected by welding have good sealing performance. Here is the introduction of welding.

    Welding forming is an indispensable processing technology in modern industrial high-quality and high-efficiency manufacturing technology. Because the welding manufacturing process has the characteristics of multidisciplinary technology integration, the welding technology can be more and more quickly integrated into the achievements of newer science and technology, and has the characteristics of the development of the times, such as the commutator precision turning machine. According to statistics, the amount of steel processed by welding in most developed countries has exceeded half of the output of steel. A large number of structural parts of aluminum, copper, titanium and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys are also manufactured by welding. Therefore, the development of materials science has greatly increased. Promoting the development of welding technology, commutator spot welding machine is a welding technology type machine developed in recent years. In the past half a century, welding technology has undergone great changes. In order to increase productivity, shorten production cycles and reduce costs, welding technology is developing towards intelligent robot welding. At the same time, to meet the increasing demands of new and high-tech materials The development needs also require welding technology to be able to connect various special new materials. It is precisely because of the influence of new technologies in materials and information disciplines that welding technology has dozens of new welding processes, which also makes the welding process operation experience the transition from manual welding to automatic welding, automation, flexibility and intelligence. An example is a fully automatic rotor winding machine. At present, welding technology has been widely used in various industrial sectors such as boilers and pressure vessels, ships, construction machinery, aerospace, electric power, petrochemicals, construction, electronics, and marine development.

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