Main features of commutator motor in commutator finishing machine

The commutator finishing machine is a machine that can help the parts of the vehicle to be refined. The commutator is an auxiliary machine that relies on magnetic force to commutate. Just like the commutator in a commutator spot welding machine, it is an auxiliary machine. Here is an introduction to the commutator motor.

    The structure of AC commutator motor: The stator core of AC commutator motor is the same as that of ordinary AC motor. The stator winding embedded in the slot is used as the secondary winding, or secondary winding, which is a multi-phase double-layer short-pitch winding The number of phases depends on the capacity. Small-capacity motors are usually three-phase, medium-capacity is five-phase, and large-capacity is seven-phase.

    It is made of 0.5mm silicon steel sheet by punching and lamination. There are three sets of windings embedded in the rotor slot. One set is the main winding, also called the primary winding, which is the same as the stator winding of ordinary asynchronous motors and the rotor of the automatic rotor winding machine; the other set of windings is the regulating winding connected to the commutator. The winding form is basically similar to the armature winding of an ordinary DC motor. In the large and medium-sized motors, there are also voltage equalizing lines. Some also embed a set of discharge windings at the top of the slot to improve commutation. The structure of the commutator is the same as that of an ordinary DC motor.

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