The main function and classification introduction of automatic rotor winding machine

Maintenance electricians often need to prepare low-voltage electrical coils in their work, which can be wound by hand-operated line machines and automatic rotor winding machines. The hand-cranked winding machine can wind small motor windings, low-voltage electrical coils and small transformers, while the automatic rotor winding machine can wind small and medium-sized motors. The hand winding machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, and can memorize the number of turns. When winding the coil, the operator straightens the wires and arranges them evenly, and the number of winding graphs can be read from the counter, and the precision can directly follow the commutator finishing machine.

    Winding machines are divided into manual winding machines, electric winding machines and automatic winding machines.

The hand winding machine is composed of crank handle, driving wheel, passive wheel and winding model. Pay attention to the following points when making the hand-cranked winding machine:

    1) When using, fix the winding machine on the console.

    2) When the number of turns of the winding coil does not start from zero, the initial number of turns should be recorded and subtracted after winding.

The electric winding machine adopts electric mode, which can be used as a winding machine and an electric drill. It has a multi-purpose function. The automatic rotor is somewhat similar to the commutator in the commutator spot welding machine.

The automatic winding machine has the functions of counting and winding 5 coils at the same time, which can improve the efficiency of mass production.

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