The connection characteristics of welding in commutator spot welding machine (part one)

Commutator spot welding machine is a representative machine in the current welding technology. This kind of spot welding machine is a machine that welds through resistance heating, so this mechanical welding method is also called spot welding. Different from the automatic rotor winding machine, it needs to participate in the form of heating.

Welding is a method in which the workpieces can be combined by heating or pressurizing, or both, with or without filler materials. The essence is to make the metal atoms on the surface of the two separated solids approach the lattice distance (0.3-0.5mm) through appropriate physical and chemical processes to form a metal bond, so that the two separated solids are permanently connected. Compared with other material processing technology, plus casting, forging, riveting, welding forming technology has the following characteristics.

    1. Welding can connect materials of different types and shapes and sizes, which can make the distribution of materials in the metal structure more reasonable. In addition, the various parts in the welded structure can usually be directly connected by welding, without additional connectors, and the strength of the welded joint can generally be the same as that of the base material. Therefore, the quality of the welded structure product is light, the production cost is low, and the degree of precision is lower than that of the commutator precision turning machine, but it is also a relatively complete technology.

    2. Welded joints are connected through the bonding force between atoms, with high rigidity and good integrity. They are not as prone to large deformations as mechanical connections (such as riveting, pin connections, etc.) under external force; moreover, welding The structure has good air tightness and water tightness, which is unmatched by other connection methods.

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