Connection characteristics of welding in commutator spot welding machine (part 2)

Commutator spot welding machine is a relatively new type of welding machine. This machine is called a spot welder because it uses resistance heating welding, and it is improved by using technologies such as rotors, so it is called commutator Spot welding machine, here we continue to introduce the connection characteristics of this mechanical welding.

    3. Welding processing generally does not require large, expensive equipment. Therefore, it is a method with less investment and quick results. Simultaneously. Welding is a "flexible" processing technology, which is suitable for both mass production and small batch production. When the product structure changes, the equipment can be basically unchanged.

    4. The welding connection process is especially suitable for products with large geometric dimensions and scattered materials. For example, ship hulls, trusses, etc.; welding can also decompose large and complex structural parts into many small parts to be processed separately, which is more suitable for material processing than automatic rotor winding machines, and then connected into a whole structure by welding , Thereby expanding the working surface, simplifying the processing technology of the metal structure, and shortening the processing cycle.

    With the development of welding technology and the improvement of welding structure, not only various mechanized, automated and specialized automatic welding machines and commutator finishing machines have been made, but also a large number of welding auxiliary devices have been created. , Stand-alone automatic welding machinery, welding production lines and automatic production lines have already become a reality. In the entire machinery manufacturing industry, welding robots are more widely used than other types of robots. The mechanization and automation of welding production can not only increase the productivity of welding structures, reduce production costs, and improve product quality, but also further protect the health of production workers. , Environmental pollution has also been reduced. however. Due to the diversification of welding structure products and the complexity of the production process, the degree of mechanization and automation of the current domestic welding production process is not very high, and manual operation still occupies a considerable proportion in some products.

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