Repair of commutator in commutator finishing machine (part 1)

The commutator is mainly composed of mica sheets and commutator sheets. It is an important component of the commutator finishing machine.

    The commutator is an important part of the DC motor. Because of its many parts. The structure is complicated, so it is easy to malfunction during the operation of the motor. The following describes the repair of common failures of the commutator.

    (1) Short circuit between commutator segments

    The so-called short circuit between the commutator segments is the phenomenon of short-circuit connection between two adjacent commutator segments on the commutator. A short circuit between the commutator segments will cause large sparks on the surface of the commutator; when the short circuit is severe, a ring fire will occur on the surface of the commutator.

The repair of the commutator short circuit is as follows:

    1. Use the slot cleaning sheet to clean up when the armature winding of the automatic rotor winding machine is burned out due to a short circuit fault. Generally, the fault point can be found by the observation method. In order to determine whether the short-circuit fault occurs inside the winding or between the commutator segments, the winding wire connected to the commutator segment should be disconnected, and then check whether there is a short circuit between the commutator segments, such as on the surface of the commutator segment. If a short circuit or spark burns is found, the metal shavings, brush powder, corrosive substances, etc. that are short-circuited between the cleaning plates are usually used until the check lamp is used to check that there is no short circuit. Mix mica powder, shellac or mica powder, epoxy resin and polyamide resin (650) into a paste, then fill the grooves to harden and dry.

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