Repair of commutator in commutator finishing machine (part 2)

Commutator finishing machine is a kind of equipment for fine adjustment and fine processing of automobile parts or other related devices. The commutator in this device is a device that provides continuous rotation of the motor. Here we continue to introduce the repair of the commutator in the commutator finishing machine.

    2. Clean the v-shaped groove and v-shaped ring of the commutator group. If the short circuit between the chips cannot be eliminated after carefully removing the external debris, then the commutator must be disassembled and the commutator group should be carefully cleaned The v-shaped groove and v-shaped ring. Before disassembling the commutator, you should wrap a layer of 0.5-1mm thick elastic paper for liner insulation on the outer circle of the commutator, and mark the fault location, then put on the stacking mold, and then change the direction. Disassemble the commutator spot welding machine. Further check the faults between the commutator segments, the surface of the v-shaped groove and the v-shaped ring, and deal with them separately according to different faults.

    3. Replace the mica flakes between the flakes. If the short circuit between the flakes cannot be eliminated by the above method, you can only replace the mica flakes between the flakes. The method of replacing the mica flakes between flakes is as follows.

    Put the above-mentioned disassembled commutator set on a flat plate, mark between the failed commutator segments, and then tighten it with a rubber ring, then remove the steel wire hoop or the weftless glass wire, and use a sharp edge Insert a section of the wide saw blade between the faulty blades, pull out the faulty commutation blade after loosening, and insert a new commutation blade of the same specification as the faulty commutation blade. After the commutation blade of the automatic rotor winding machine is replaced, use it again The iron hoop (with thick cardboard pad) clamps the commutator group tightly. Heat the commutator segments to 165°C ± 5°C, tighten the screws for the first tightening, and use a calibration lamp to check whether the short-circuit fault between the segments has been eliminated after cooling. If it is not eliminated, you should carefully search for the cause of the failure or repeat the above work; if the inter-chip short circuit has been eliminated, proceed with assembly.

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